New Singapore Office

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I have the great pleasure to announce the establishment of our Singaporean representative office Romas Marine Singapore Pte Ltd.

With the establishment of this office, headed by Damiaan Sprenger, we will be even better placed to offer our customers new chartering and SNP opportunities within Asia. Our Asian clients shall benefit from our various other global representative offices which shall provide them direct access to and knowledge of traditional markets such as West Africa, Middle East, Europe and US/Mexican Gulf.

For our non-Asian clients we are able to support their activities in Asia in both the Oil&Gas as well as the quickly emerging Asian Offshore wind markets like Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

Following the establishment of Romas Rotterdam and the representative office in Aberdeen, Singapore represents the next phase of Romas’ expansion plans. After five years of very low activity Singapore promises to be once more the exciting hub we know it from pre-2015!

Further expansion into UAE is foreseen for first half of 2020.

For more details please contact:
Damiaan Sprenger
99 Duxton Road
Singapore 089543
Mobile: +65 9040 3306

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