150 tons A-frame



Category: A-frames/LARS
YOM: 2010
Class: N/A
Location: Europe
Price: Please enquire
Lease: No
SWL: 150 Tons
Winch AHC: Yes

Wire rope tension: 1600kN max. (AHC operations, inc. friction / block)
• Max. design load: SWL200mT (AHC off, AHC cylinder at
inner/retracted position)
• Wire stroke: +/- 3000mm, max (Design)
• Wire Velocity (in AHC mode):
o 1,6 m/s, ±2500 mm at T:=10s
o 1.8 m/s (peak, max), ±3000 mm at T:=12s
• Design acceleration: Approx. 0.9 m/s²
• Passive system
o 2 off Nitrogen bottle rack (total of approx. 7000 litres).
• Cylinder:
o Operating Stroke: 3000mm (3200mm in service mode)
Size: 440mm (bore)
o Design speed: 0,90m/s (peak)
o Combines both active and passive systems
o Built-in shock absorber function.

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