36 tons A-frame



Category: A-frames/LARS
YOM: 1992
Class: DNV
Location: Norway
Dimensions: 7,2 x 3,8 mtr
Price: Please enquire
SWL: 10 Tons
Inner width: 385 metres
Winch Details: Macartney 2007

Type of equipment
Hydraulic driven A-frame, capacity: 36 Ton
Manufacturer: Gann Mek. AS
Serial number: 28347
Design codes
NPD Regulations relating to Lifting Appliances
DnV Rules for Certification og Lifting Appliances
DnV Rules for planning and execution of Marine Operations
Certificates: ILO Certificate of Test and thorough examination
Area classification: Zone 2
Design capacity: 36 Ton SWL in lifting eye
Inner height: 7200 mm
Inner width: 3850 mm
Weight: 15000 Kg

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