Gangway 24.5 meter



Category: Renewables equipment
YOM: New
Class: Bureau Veritas Classification
Location: Holland
Price: Please enquire
Lease: yes, please enquire
Type: Roll & Pitch compensation

This state-of-the-art W2W system provides direct access with an elevator for personnel and cargo to the +18 meter level of the offshore structure. This improves safety, comfort and allows continuous access without undocking the system.
The distinctive difference between this gangway and all the other W2W systems that provide access at height is the patented Roll & Pitch compensation. This
compensation system keeps the mast 100% vertical at all times by eliminating the roll and pitch movement at the bottom of the mast so that Roll & Pitch movement of the vessel have no additional effect on the position of the column-top and Bridge tip.
The length is 24,5 mtr.
HPU is located in deck container

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