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Romas Marine specialises in SNP of specialist offshore, construction and renewables related vessels such Jack-up Barges, Accommodation Barges/Vessels, W2W Vessels, Pipelay Vessels, Diving Support Vessels SOV and OSV vessels.

Through our Equipment desk we also offer SNP and trading services for equipment, especially deck equipment, for these vessels. Deck Cranes, AHC Cranes, Winches, Fifi Equipment, Carousels etc. can be acquired through our equipment desk.


With vast experience in the offshore chartering market since the late 80’s, we can provide specialist service in this field for all types of vessels.

In view of the current deplorable market in our sector, equipment lease is becoming more accepted and Romas has created specialised equipment lease contracts which can be offered for certain assets to approved customers.

Equipment trading

Romas own a small but growing ‘fleet’ of marine equipment which is available for sale and lease or lease-to-purchase. From 5 tons Tugger Winches to 100 tons AHC Offshore Cranes…we have it. If you have quality surplus equipment which you want to liquidate ask us to make an offer.

Logistic support

A new service we offer is an ‘all-in’ package service whereby we sell (or lease) equipment to prospective clients including disassembly from a vessel, land-transport to the ocean-carrier, road and sea surveyors, insurance, sea-freight to final destination as well as installation, commissioning and trial on the destination vessel. In other words you chose the asset you wish to acquire…..and we do the rest.


Through vast commercial knowledge and experience in our sector, we are able to provide desktop valuations indicating expected sales values for specialised offshore assets.