Sea Stallion Cable Plough



Category: Renewables equipment
YOM: 2000
Location: Malaysia
Dimensions: (L) 9100 (approx with skids down) x (W) 4000 x (H) 3500 mm
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Dimensions : (L) 9100 (approx with skids down) x (W) 4000 x (H) 3500 mm

Weight in Air : 9,000 kg (approx without auxiliary beach landing skid

Design Strength : Structure will withstand a sustained pull of 50 tonnes. Onset of yield 80 tonnes.

Cable / Joint Size : Cable passage 200mm wide, allows joint diameters up to 180mm to be buried.
Larger joints up to 250mm diameter can be passed through the plough with diver assistance.

Cable Bend Radius : 1.5m minimum in bellmouth and share

Trench Depth : 1.6m nominal, providing 1.5m cable burial in medium-to dense permeable sand,
up to 2m in soft clay (<5kPa).

Depth Control : Hydraulically adjustable 0-1.6m, remotely controlled from surface

Hydraulic Functions : Hydraulic cylinder for operation of depth control skids
Hydraulic cylinder for operation of cable depressor

Hydraulic Power Unit : 2kW subsea electro-hydraulic power pack, 380V AC, 50 Hz
Fixed displacement pump, approx. 6 lpm. output @ 210 bar max pressure
Hand pump for operation on beach without umbilical connection

Operating Water Depth : 200m maximum (limited by umbilical length and pod pressure vessel rating)

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