Exclusive outside China Pipe-lay Barge available

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Romas Marine is proud to announce having been appointed a Central Agency for the charter of the below pipe-lay barge on behalf of direct Owners for the non-Chinese market. Please see main specifications of the pipe-lay barge along with the brochure as per below:

-YOB: 2019
-Class: CCS
-Dimensions: 172 x 35 x 8 m
-Loaded displacement: 35,445.7 T
-Type of pipe laying: S-lay, stinger
-Maximum depth of pipe laying: 350 m
-Pipe lay tension: 150t x 2
-Transmission line:Two (2)
-Design pipe laying speed: 5km/day
-Crane: 1x500t +2x50t
-Accommodation: 238 POB
-Helideck diameter: 22 m
-Location: Far East
– Availability: June 2021

Full specifications

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